Fruit Blitz is a game by Rubicon Development.

From Rubicon Development's websiteEdit

The match-3 genre gets the Rubicon treatment in this brand new, adrenalin-fuelled action game. With its pumpin' soundtrack, awesome visuals and novel gameplay, Fruit Blitz is a game that's impossible to put down. We would've shipped this title a month ago if we didn't spend half of every day just playing it for kicks! Out Now on Android and iOS in both paid and free-with-ads versions. Features: 90 second blitz gaming ideal for mobile play. Familiar matching mechanics with some new twists. Drop-dead gorgeous graphics. Pumpin' calypso soundtrack. Form a team with your Facebook(tm) friends and take on the world through the built in leaderboards. Or just stomp each others scores as often as possible. No weak storylines or other distractions. Still no birds or zombies! Are you ninja enough to trigger the Fruit Blitz feature?